Senior Night Spotlight: Nicc Johnson

Pictured here, lone senior, Nicc Johnson, drives the baseline for two; Johnson averaged 17.9 pts and 6.8 rebounds a game for the Bobcats.
Pictured here, lone senior, Nicc Johnson, drives the baseline for two; Johnson averaged 17.9 pts and 6.8 rebounds a game for the Bobcats.

BUFFALO, NY -- On Saturday, February 9th, the Bryant & Stratton College - Buffalo Bobcats will have to bid farewell to their first ever senior player in the new program's short history. Nicc Johnson, a dynamic and savvy guard from the streets of the Queen City, spent his last year on the hardwood slashing to the hoop and burning the nets from deep, averaging 17.9 points per game and 6.8 rebounds. 

Johnson was instant offense all year for the Bobcats. Using his quickness to get out in the open floor and his basketball IQ to baffle defenders, he led a young and promising team to a winning record in their first year. On the court, as many great shooters do, Johnson excelled most when he moved without the ball and found his rhythm from the outside. It was not uncommon to watch him knock down several consecutive three pointers when he got on a roll, and even as visiting teams caught on and began to double team him off of ball screens, he refused to force the action, sharing the ball with his teammates and allowing the game to come to him. 

On the defensive end, Johnson established himself as a formidable opponent, stepping out into the passing lane more than a couple of times to rack up over 30+ steals. Often his hard work generated more opportunities for his team, who found themselves on the receiving end of a Nicc Johnson assist on many occasions, of which he padded the stat line with almost 50+ assists on the year.

Off the court, Johnson was just as focused in his pursuits. Early in the season, he was one of many players on his team who helped the Salvation Army feed the homeless, and in the classroom, he kept a 3.5 GPA and made the Dean's List. As a student athlete, he led by example, modeling for his younger, less experienced team members, not only what it means to give it your all on the court, but to match that drive and determination in the classroom.

As the Bobcats finish up the rest of this season and set their eyes on the post-season, a moment of reflection is upon us. The Bobcat faithful will be witnessing the siren song and farewell efforts of a young and talented, yet matured basketball player, but an even better human being. For every drop of sweat, every suicide ran in practice, every jump shot heaved in faith that it would touch the bottom of a nylon net, all of those moments of unrelenting commitment come to a culmination in his final games as a Bobcat as we thank Nicc Johnson for a great season filled with unforgettable memories. 


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